Michele Simon is a public health attorney, food policy expert, author, and thought leader in the plant-based foods industry. In 2016, she founded the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), the nation’s only membership association promoting the interests of plant-based food companies. For five years as PBFA’s executive director, Simon grew the association to over 300 members, leading a team of policy and retail experts. Through her strategic efforts, PBFA fought off the powerful meat and dairy lobbies, and forged new marketplace opportunities for the plant-based foods industry.

Simon has written extensively on the politics of food and alcohol. Her first…

Turning the calendar to 2021 represents an important sign of change right now, for obvious reasons. For me, it also signals a major milestone in my career: As of January 1, I am no longer with the Plant Based Foods Association, the organization that I founded in 2015. After five years as the organization’s leader, I would like to reflect on what we accomplished.

Let’s start with PBFA’s origin story. In late 2014, I was inspired to start a trade association while speaking with my long-time friend and colleague, Miyoko Schinner. (We were enjoying an event at Millennium, a premier…

Michele R Simon

I am an author, food policy expert, founder, and trouble-maker

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