Leaving PBFA, but not the plant-based foods movement

  • Grew to 180 company members, including the leading brands in each of the plant-based foods categories to truly represent the entire industry; expanded membership categories to 200+ affiliate and investor members
  • Grew from start-up phase to 7 full-time professional staff plus 6 part-time consultants including seasoned federal and state lobbyists
  • Grew from start-up funds of $60,000 to $2.5 million budget in 2020
  • Launched a 501c (3) affiliate organization to attract donations to supplement member dues, allowing PBFA programs to expand into retail and food service
  • Secured close to $3 million in donations, including $875,000 to support our state-level policy work, and exceeded fundraising goals each year.
  • New York Times coverage of PBFA’s launch thanks to my contact there; became the go-to resource among leading business media outlets
  • Thought leadership on countless panels at trade shows and other events
  • Partnered with Plant Based World for first-ever plant-based foods focused trade show
  • Conceived of a member-focused event called “Scaling Up” to work collectively on addressing common challenges faced by plant-based food companies.




I am an author, food policy expert, founder, and trouble-maker

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Michele R Simon

Michele R Simon

I am an author, food policy expert, founder, and trouble-maker

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